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Tangentially Speaking with Christopher Ryan

Jun 29, 2015

Joe Winke and Shannon Drake are partners in crime and commerce. We talk about what it's like to get a socially-conscious business up and running, the winding paths they each took, their aspirations for the future, and what it all has to do with a little dog called Jambo.

Music: Going Through the Motions, Joel...

Jun 22, 2015

For just an instant, Devlin Baker created a tiny star in a warehouse outside Bellingham, WA. He's working on a project he (and his backers) hope will result in medical technology, the production of vital materials, and eventually, cheap, clean, limitless energy. Devlin's site is

Jun 15, 2015

Kevin Johnson is a key player in the growing float movement. He designs, sells, and installs the most cutting-edge float chambers all over the U.S. But he's also a very serious musician, songwriter, and cave explorer. Talk about a multi-faceted mofo!

Jun 8, 2015

Bailey Jay is a trans woman who is a pornographic actress, adult model, and podcaster. She's very smart, very funny, and pretty much my kinda girl. She's a regular on Jim Norton's show on Sirius XM, and was recently featured on Inside Amy Schumer.

Bailey's site (NSFW).

Jun 1, 2015

John is an in dependent investment advisor based in Bangkok.