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Tangentially Speaking with Christopher Ryan

Oct 19, 2020

Eric Weiner is a popular speaker and author of the New York Times bestseller The Geography of Bliss, Man Seeks God, The Geography of Genius and The Socrates Express. He is a former foreign correspondent for NPR and the author of numerous articles about travel and culture. He spent a decade overseas for NPR, based in New...

Oct 15, 2020

I respond to some of the feedback I've received in the past day or two in response to my posts on wearing masks. The article I mention in Nature is here.

Music: "I Don't Think You Understand," by Goliath Flores.

Oct 12, 2020

Some thoughts on the difference between ignorance and stupidity, competing authority figures, the corruption of institutions, and the role of common sense in navigating all of the above. Music: "Watch it Fall," by Billy Strings.

Oct 8, 2020

This commercial-free episode of What Makes This Book Great? includes listener responses to "Cat Person," and a reading of Ursula K. LeGuin's story, "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas," written in 1974.

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Oct 7, 2020

Jake and Belinda are close friends of mine and have been married to each other since before either of them can remember. This is what happens when the three of us hang out WITHOUT wine.

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