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Tangentially Speaking with Christopher Ryan

Jul 14, 2014

Join Peter, Andy Gurevich, and me at Lompoc Brewing's Hedge House, where we talk about religion, sex, love, and beer. Then some very interesting friends of Peter's show up, including a hot young humiliatrix, named Ceara.

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almost eight years ago

I've recently noticed that most people I hear talking about Atheism, on either side of the argument are really talking about something else.
The word Atheist only describes someone who doesn't adhere to a Theistic religion. Non-theist.

almost eight years ago

Find out why many find Boghossian difficult to take seriously:

almost eight years ago

I think you forget that the state/nation is a religion.
-You can not see it (borders are invisible)
-It is physically represented by presidents or priests
-These representatives write a holy book (bible/book of law) with moral prescription by which everyone must live
-These rules are contradictory and open to interpretation by the representative
-It uses guilt and redemption
-It uses symbols and special toga's/scepters/crowns to obtain moral dominance
-It has lots of bloods on his hands
-They need to make you nationalist or religious through control of education of the young.
-The state/god is all power full judge of good and evil
-They hate sex and drugs
-Life would be a lot more peaceful without these representatives

almost eight years ago

worth noting: sam harris went for his doctorate in cognitive neuroscience after experiencing phenomena suggesting the brain states one can attain under psychedelics (as opposed to 'hallucinogens', a term implying only false experiences occur) could also be attained through efforts such as meditation. and just as hitch pointed out that there is no moral position that can be held by a believer but not a secularist, so too can it be said that there are no experiences provided by church services, ceremonial rituals, etc., that can not be found in secular circumstances too. much like the supposed 'source' of human morality, religious institutions have falsely claimed realms like wonderment as theirs alone; there is no evidence to believe religion gives humans anything worth having that we don't already have within our grasp unaided by delusional mythologies.

almost eight years ago

Find out more about Peter Boghossian's book "A Manual for Creating Atheists", watch this video