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Tangentially Speaking with Christopher Ryan

Jul 29, 2014

One of my closest friends, Dr. Stanley Krippner returns to Tangentially Speaking, to share his thoughts on the trajectory of history, the nature of consciousness, and his advice to young people after 81 years of living la vida loca.

almost eight years ago

I have listened to your audiobook several times, as it caused a whole paradigm shift for me, which took some reading attempts to integrate into my existing beliefs. But as someone who has some non middle of the road ideas about reality myself, I recognize a well researched theory and a good thing you preempted a lot of critisism, because it shows you are a veteran debating it. Because I reflexibly came up with the whole Steven Pinker and T. Hobbes stuff as well, although I never trusted them. You did a good job, with Hobbes solitary lonely in his Paris appartment, projecting is own situation on the past.
Thanks, for a new insight.