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Tangentially Speaking with Christopher Ryan

Jul 23, 2021

Michael worked his way down from the treetops with a chainsaw hanging from his belt to owning a company (Ponderosa Millworks) that repurposes urban trees, making uniquely gorgeous tables, chairs, bars, countertops, etc. But he's so much more than a businessman. Michael is a guy who GETS THINGS DONE. He's got tremendous...

Jul 21, 2021

Kyle Kingsbury is a guy you want on your side when the shit goes down. Big, strong, smart, kind, and thoughtful, he's a good example of how to do this thing called being a man. A former UFC fighter, Kyle now works at Onnit, and hosts a podcast.

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Jul 11, 2021

Tony Gonzalez is an American former professional football player who was a tight end in the National Football League for 17 seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs and the Atlanta Falcons. Widely recognized as one of the greatest tight ends of all-time, Gonzalez played college football and college basketball at University...

Jul 4, 2021

Joe Yannetty has been around the block a time or two. He's been doing standup comedy around the world for a couple decades, as well as writing for film and TV. Amidst all that, he went through a cancer ordeal and emerged a better man. Thoughtful, funny, and deeply kind, Joe is an inspiration.

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Jun 24, 2021

Miguel Romero is my pal in Mexico City. He writes for The Daily Grail, does graphic design, and has interests ranging from crop circles to psychic phenomena to UFOs to ... you get the idea. He's a smart dude with informed, thoughtful perspectives on the current mess we're in.

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