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Tangentially Speaking with Christopher Ryan

Jul 21, 2014

In which Russ and I find ourselves wearing shorts without underwear in a medium-security Alaskan prison.

almost eight years ago

These podcasts are amazing. But is there no way for me to listen to TOMA on my iphone? I've tried stitcher and other apps but there is no way to get access to your premium episodes nor did I manage to download the episodes and put them manually on my phone through shitty itunes. Please help me out my man! I wanna do stuff while I listen to this.

Red Pill Junkie
almost eight years ago

Wow. More & more it's becoming evident that your trip to Alaska wouldn't have been such an important fork-road in your life, had it not been for that little incident with the Snickers bar! ;)

It reminds me of this book I read (in comic format) when I was a kid: Rudyard Kipling's Captain Courageous; how this snotty young son of a rich magnate is forced to spend some time aboard a fisher boat & work to earn his keep. What started as a tragedy ended up becoming the best him that could've happened to this rich brat.